ProPlate’s Vizi-Band® Radiopaque Marker Sample kit is a useful representation of our radiopaque marker coating innovation and capabilities. The sample kit includes 5 stainless steel hypo-tubes of Vizi-Band® with thicknesses ranging from 500μ”-1500μ”
Vizi-Band sample box
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Exhibiting at BIOMEDevice Boston 2016

ProPlate® Exhibiting at BIOMEDevice Boston 2016

​ProPlate® will be exhibiting at the 2016 MedTechWorld BioMedDevice show in Boston, April 13-14th. Please stop by our booth #155

Anoka, MN. February 18th, 2016 – ProPlate® will be exhibiting for the first year at BIOMEDevice Boston. ProPlate® has also exhibited at other MD&M events like the Anaheim, Minneapolis and New York shows in the past.

The exhibition and conference presents the best of the medical manufacturing space, offering just the right mix of innovation, inspiration, and actionable education. Join more than 3,000 business leaders, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and suppliers, gathered under one roof to share solutions and gain valuable insights.”

ProPlate’s mission is to deliver innovations that provide solutions for their customers biggest challenges that do not just meet, but exceed industry standards. To achieve this ProPlate offers a catalog of engineered metal coating solutions to the medical device industry, such as  Torq-Lok enhancement for braided catheters, and Vizi-Band radiopaque marker coatings.

ProPlate® recognizes that not all projects specify standard MIL or ASTM specifications. We apply a creative custom approach to electroplating combined with our in-house tool fabricating capabilities, to meet the challenges of  selective plating requirements, complex part geometries, and tight plating tolerances. Our engineers plating processes, supporting tools, and chemistry to be flexible for each customer’s unique requirements on a wide variety of small and large critical components. Contact us for further information.

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