Supplier & Subcontractor Quality Assurance Requirements

This document provides a list of Quality System Requirements for all approved suppliers to Professional Plating, Inc. This refers to the purchase of all procurements for use in our processes. 

Responsibility: All approved suppliers are responsible for adhering to our Quality System Requirements stated in this document. The supplier shall ensure that purchased products conform to specified purchase requirements. The type and extent of controls applied to the supplier and the purchased product shall be dependent upon the effect of the purchased product on subsequent product realization or the final product. 

Scope: The scope of this document is to establish the minimum Quality System Requirements for all suppliers in the manufacture and delivery of the product to Professional Plating, Inc. This information applies to all suppliers of components, materials, goods, and services that alter and/or affect the outcome of the plating we provide.

Approved Supplier Status: Approval status will depend on satisfactory responses to our Supplier Self-Survey. Supplier approval status will be maintained by performance history and timely responses to Supplier Corrective Action Requests.

Non-Conforming Material: Sub-tier suppliers must notify us of any non-conforming material. They must also obtain approval for the disposition of the non-conforming product. All non-conforming products must be segregated and properly identified. Rework procedures must be approved by ProPlate. We reserve the right to reject the non-conforming material and issue a SCAR.

Supplier Corrective Action Requests: A SCAR may be sent to the supplier if discrepant or non-conforming material is discovered. The timely return of this SCAR is mandatory. Accurately identifying the root cause of the discrepancy and effective corrective action that is permanent in preventing the cause of the non-conformance is required. Failure to respond in a satisfactory manner can be cause for removal from the Approved Supplier’s list and hold on future orders placed until resolved.  

Change in Product or Process: If a design or process change has been made that affects the form, fit, or function of the product, or if a change has been made in the facility used to produce the product or services, the supplier must complete a first article inspection and have records ready and available for review by Professional Plating, Inc.

Change Notification: The supplier shall notify Professional Plating, Inc. of any change in the purchased product prior to implementation of any changes that may affect the ability of the purchased product to meet specified purchase requirements.

Records Retention: Professional Plating, Inc. requires approved suppliers to provide documentation to us as appropriate at the time of purchase. We will retain those records as they relate to Professional Plating Purchase Orders. Professional Plating Inc. also requires that suppliers retain their documentation for a minimum of 7 years.

Right of Access: We, our customers, and any regulatory agencies reserve the right to perform surveillance and/or inspect any or all of the materials, processes, and procedures used in the production and processing of items for Professional Plating, Inc. at the supplier’s facility or sub-tier supplier’s facility. All items purchased by Professional Plating, Inc. may be subject to inspection at the supplier’s facility prior to shipment at the discretion of Professional Plating, Inc.

Document Control: Purchase orders from Professional Plating, Inc. are confidential. The supplier must not disclose any information to a third party or use any information such as ProPlate supplied drawings, specifications, samples, and any other Material intended for use herein or with respect to any article included in this document without written consent from Professional Plating, Inc. Suppliers must comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). No drawings, products, or technical data may be transmitted over the internet/email or to any person foreign to the United States of America.

Supply Chain Flow Down: Suppliers are responsible for ensuring the flow-down of all related documents and requirements to sub-tier suppliers. Sub-tier suppliers are required to comply with all quality provisions outlined in this document. Suppliers are responsible for furnishing acceptable supplies and services as specified.

Shipping and Handling: Suppliers must handle the product with care at all times to prevent any damage. Where the product is damaged due to poor handling or insufficient packaging to protect the product during shipment, the supplier may be held financially responsible for product value.  


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