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Copper is the second most common metal plated, behind Nickel. It provides a soft, red, ductile, solderable surface. Copper is an excellent electrical conductor. However, our Copper plating services are not often used as a final plate because it tarnishes easily.

For your Copper Plating requirements, ProPlate® has facilities for copper electroplating both small and large parts in various sized barrels and racks, along with custom and prototype metal finishing.

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Anti-Diffusion & Multi-Layer Plating

Metallic Copper diffuses very rapidly through metallic Gold. However, Copper will not diffuse through Nickel or Palladium. For this reason, a layer of nickel or Palladium should always be considered between Copper and Gold. Copper, which has diffused through Gold, will appear on the outer surface of the gold electro-deposit and will quickly begin to form a partial oxide layer on the surface of the electro-deposited part.

Nickel is generally suggested as the anti-diffusion layer owing to its lower material cost. However, nickel is a magnetic metal, whereas Palladium is not. So in applications where non-magnetic performance is required, Palladium would be the anti-diffusion layer of choice. It could also be considered a non-magnetic, non-oxidizing application as a replacement for Gold.

Copper makes an excellent undercoat on aluminum, a base metal that most other electro-deposited metals will not attach to. Copper is also the only metal that can be electroplated onto zinc die casts.

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Copper Properties

Copper can fill sharp corners and surface imperfections, allowing smooth and uniform coverage of the base metal. The throwing and leveling properties of Copper ensure that pinholes and subsequent blistering of finish metals will be avoided.

Because Copper has excellent leveling properties and very high throwing efficiency, it makes an excellent undercoat for most other metals. In addition, because Copper is ductile, it polishes easily to a high shine so that it supports a bright, shiny finishing metal above it.


MIL-C-14550, ASTM-B734, AMS 2418


Generally, Copper is applied as an underplate in thickness between 100 and 200 microinches.

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