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Capabilities and Applications of Copper Plating

Many electroplating options are available depending on the application wanted. Gold is advantageous for biocompatibility, platinum for components of pacemakers, and silver for situations that require very high levels of electrical conductivity. Copper plating is a commonly utilized choice in various circumstances. Industries that use this metal can include HVAC, electronics, semiconductors, and aerospace to …

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Electroless Nickel Plating and its Unique Properties

  Electroless Nickel plating is an autocatalytic chemistry, meaning it is not electrodeposited. It is a deposit of Nickel and Phosphorous onto a surface. As the process name implies, this reaction is autocatalytic: once it starts, the presence of nickel acts as a catalyst to keep the reaction going. Deposit thicknesses can range from a …

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Bright Acid Tin Plating

Tin plating is no longer offered a ProPlate®   Bright acid Tin plating is a silver-colored, ductile metal whose primary application imparts solderability to otherwise unsolderable base metals. Tin generally has good covering characteristics over a wide range of shapes. Historically Tin has been utilized for its combined corrosion protection and conductivity in avionics radio …

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Platinum Capabilities

Platinum is primarily used in jewelry, but its application in the medical field, dental, and electronic components are vast. Platinum has very similar qualities to Gold at almost half the cost. As of recent, Gold is about $1,890.90 an ounce, and Platinum is about $1,043.10 per ounce. Currently, ProPlate’s has Platinum capabilities for smaller parts …

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Construction Progress!

Construction Progress Update: The front of our building is gradually coming together. Construction should be wrapping up within a couple months! We’re excited to see the final product. Take a look at our Electroplating Services here Contact Us or visit our website to learn more about our capabilities. ProPlate® recognizes that not all projects specify …

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Renovations at ProPlate®! ProPlate®is excited to be renovating the front of our building! 2019 was a great year. We have decided to invest back into our building as we grow! Contact Us or visit our website for more information on what ProPlate® has to offer! ProPlate® recognizes that not all projects specify standard MIL or …

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Gold & Platinum Ring-Electrodes Electroplating

Gold & Platinum Ring-Electrodes Electroplating Catheter Electrodes There are several different broad categories of electrodes used in catheter assemblies; ring electrodes, electrode pads, probes, cores and wires. Traditionally catheter manufacturers and OEM’s implement platinum-iridium (Pt/Ir) or stainless-steel electrode components, through laser micro-machining, crimping, coiling or swaging onto industry standard nitinol, tungsten, MP35N, or stainless-steel base …

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