Quality Medical Device Coatings

The Importance of Quality Medical Device Coatings

If there’s an industry in which quality metal plating services is of the utmost importance, it’s probably the medical industry – specifically, the coating of medical devices. These devices are held to the most stringent standards, and with good reason: There’s simply no room for failure. These are the sorts of projects we take on, and gladly, since we know that our results can’t be matched.

A Growing Global Industry

It’s no secret why the medical device coating industry is now well into the billions of dollars around the world: Technology is continually making it possible for greater numbers of medical devices to be used all the time, and these devices must be reliably coated. In fact, the industry is set to only grow with time.

Things to Consider

While the careful design of medical devices is, in and of itself, a big enough challenge, additional challenges are introduced when coating comes into play. For example, sterility is a critical requirement for any tissue-contacting device. The method used for sterilization may cause an interaction with the coating used on the device, and this needs to be taken into account by design engineers.

Another concern when it comes to medical device coatings are their shelf life. However, even with proper storage a coating’s performance can decrease. This is generally to be expected and even considered normal in most cases; however, it’s important that engineers be made aware that the information sheets they read and the data therein can be based on the performance of unaged material. When performing initial evaluations of coatings it’s of crucial importance that engineers inquire about the effects of aging on the device’s coating.

Ideally, a thorough designer will take into account both sterilization techniques and maximum intended aging when putting together data for engineers to review. And based upon a device’s intended use and the variables such as the method of sterilization, ProPlate® can even put together custom coating solutions.

Quality Plating Services

Medical device coatings are applied by our technicians using only the most up-to-date plating methods and the most stringent quality control methods. We understand the immense importance of the task at hand and cannot take the work lightly. A good shop won’t be satisfied to rest on its laurels either. Continual improvement is something for which we constantly strive.

This commitment, along with the careful consideration of the way medical device coatings perform over time and after sterilization, is what makes the difference between reliable medical devices and those that fail.

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