Exhibiting at MD&M Anaheim West 2015

ProPlate® Exhibiting at MD&M Anaheim West 2015

ProPlate® is exhibiting at the medical device trade show “MD&M West 2015” this February 10th through the 12th in Anaheim, CA. Visit us at booth: #672




ProPlate® will be showcasing two new catheter innovations, Torq-Lok™ and Vizi-Band™. Torq-Lok™ is a patent pending metal coating process that is atomically bonded to a catheter braid, fusing the cross sections together as one. This innovation improves torque transmission and ultimate yield strength for braided catheters. Preliminary testing has showed a 39% increase in torque transmission, and a 76% increase in ultimate yield strength compared to traditional catheters. Vizi-Band™ is a patent pending radiopaque marker coating process that replaces traditional marker bands. It is atomically bonded to the catheter and can be applied anywhere along the catheter shaft. To learn more about these catheter innovations and other medical device solutions visit the ProPlate® medical web page, or contact a ProPlate® representative today at Sales@proplate.com – (763) 427-0112.

ProPlate® recognizes that not all projects specify standard MIL or ASTM specifications. We apply a creative custom approach to electroplating combined with our in-house tool fabricating capabilities, to meet the challenges of  selective plating requirements, complex part geometries, and tight plating tolerances. Our engineers plating processes, supporting tools, and chemistry to be flexible for each customer’s unique requirements on a wide variety of small and large critical components. Contact us for further information.

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