ProPlate® has over 35 years of experience...

…in electroplating services for the energy & technology industries. We understand that quality plating is crucial when it comes to these industries. Surface finishing is critical for the application and functionality of these parts. Maintenance and repair of these components can create costly downtime. Components used in the energy & technology industry may need to withstand the harshest of conditions without failure. ProPlate® engineers work closely with our customers to ensure reliable and cost-effective options to enhance the surface of their parts.

Whether your parts need wear resistance, corrosion protection, friction and abrasion resistance, solderability, hardness, thermal or electrical conductivity, ProPlate® has the expertise to engineer a custom solution for your plating project.


ProPlate® partners with industry-leading technology companies who share our core values worldwide; Innovative, Collaborative, Critical Thinking, Driven, Quality Minded, and Reputable.

Energy & Technology parts that we have plated:

Contacts • Slip Rings • Plugs • Turbines • Springs • Opto-Electronics • Tubes • Connectors • Coils • Terminals • Super Conducting Magnets • Particle Accelerators • Solar Panels • Photonics • Washers • Commutators • Pins • Imaging Devices • Heat Plates • Tubular Connections • Rings • Clips • Tabs • Sensors • End Bells • Bearings • Electrodes • Disks • Interconnects • Power Modules • Sockets • Contact Strips • Leads • Ferrules • Housings • Circuit Boards • Plates • Inserts • Probes • Heat Sinks • Wires • Wind Turbine Bearings • Fuel Cell Gaskets • Solar Cell Plates • Sleeves • Shields • Fiber Optics • Rotary Housing • Electrical Hardware • Deep Drawn Parts • Stamped Parts • Precision Machined Parts Bellows • Compressor Seals • Brackets • Bushings • Covers • Nuts • Cylinders • Inner Mandrels • Rotating Machinery • Pump Parts • Seal Faces • Actuator Mandrels • Sub-Sea Systems

ProPlate® collaborates with value driven companies around the world to provide innovative engineered metallization solutions and to improve people’s lives.

Solutions We've Pioneered

ProPlate’s dedicated new product development team supports new medical device projects from concept through commercialization through our proven process roadmap.

ProPlate® has a library of solutions for a wide range of parts and industries. We are always pleased to take on new challenging projects.

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We Are Dedicated to Partnering With Our Customers

Professional Plating, Inc. is dedicated to solving our customers’ toughest plating-related challenges by working with them on the front end of the design and engineering process. We engineer custom solutions designed specifically for your unique requirements. ProPlate® has pioneered selective precious metal plating innovations and continuously strives to improve your part’s application and performance while driving down costs.

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