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Vizi-Band® Radiopaque Marker Sample Kit


ViziBand® stock sample kits include 5 stainless steel hypo-tubes with Au Vizi-Band thicknesses from 500μ”-1500μ”. There is 1 sample of 500μ”, 750μ”, 1,000μ”, 1,250μ” & 1,500μ”.



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ProPlate’s Vizi-Band® Radiopaque Marker Sample kit is a useful representation of our radiopaque marker coating innovation and capabilities. It is a proprietary metal coating process that atomically bonds directly to a catheter, guidewire, stent, or similar component. The highly radiopaque and biocompatible metal coating can be selectively applied to any section of the desired component, with endless options for customization depending on the application and intended use.

The sample kit includes 5 stainless steel hypo-tubes of Vizi-Band® with thicknesses ranging from 500μ”-1500μ”, intended for early feasibility testing on radiopaque marker band and ring electrode medical device development projects. This kit gives engineers quick access to initially evaluate the Vizi-Band technology at a lower cost and lead time compared to conducting a development project.

Material ID (in) OD (in) Wall Thickness (in) Length (in) Au Thickness (μ”)
304 Stainless Steel
500μ”, 750μ”, 1000μ”, 1250μ”, 1500μ”
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in
Typical Shipping times

Once order is place product will ship within 1-2 business days. Transit time depends on your location.

Product packaging

There will be 5 pieces inside the box in foam cut outs. Each piece labeled with the thickness that they are plated to.


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