ProPlate’s dedicated new product development team supports new projects from concept through commericialization through our proven process roadmap, further expanding our Plating Methods.

Plating method

Racking & Wiring Fixture Methods

Racking & Wiring: These are methods of fixturing parts with electrical continuity so that the individual components can be plated with a rack plating process tool. Depending on the size of individual parts, geometry, and plating requirements, ProPlate® will provide consulting recommendations for racking or wiring.

Electroplating requires each part to make electrical contact with a power supply. The point of electrical contact often results in a plating void in this localized area. When required, ProPlate® engineers electroplating racks and custom fixtures and develops unique plating methods to reduce or eliminate contact voids. ProPlate® provides expert consultation to ensure functional plating requirements are met for each unique design challenge. Our process development engineering team works to produce consistent plating outcomes for critical projects.

Barrel Fixture Methods

Barrel Plating: We offer these services for Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Palladium, Platinum, Palladium-Nickel 80/20 alloy, Nickel, and Copper. The term “barrel plating” encompasses a diverse set of process fixtures used in the metal finishing of various components. ProPlate® develops proprietary methods of electroplating small to medium-sized parts in large batches to maximize processing productivity.

Various part geometries, each with unique processing and handling requirements, drive the need for ProPlate® to innovate standard electroplating techniques. Barrel plating is a very productive electroplating method and dynamic process. Components with complex geometries or components prone to damage easily cannot be barrel plated; instead, rack or wire fixturing methods are an appropriate approach.

Plating methods copper and gold inside a barrel ready to plate

Engineered Plating Process Fixtures

ProPlate’s engineers design and fabricate precise tooling and process methods optimized for challenging plating requirements. Depending on the quantities and part geometries for electroplating, ProPlate® may recommend either utilizing a standard process fixture configuration or developing an engineered custom plating process fixture. Parts with complex geometries, selective plating requirements, and other unique electroplating requirements often need an engineered plating process fixture to enable a successful plating outcome. Engineered electroplating fixtures, support tools, custom anodes, and solution flow pumps can also help ensure uniform metal deposits in deep cavities and internal dimensions where electrical current densities cannot be maintained uniformly on the component surface of the desired plating areas.

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We Are Dedicated to Partnering With Our Customers

Professional Plating Inc. is dedicated to solving our customer’s toughest plating-related challenges by working with them on the front end of the design and engineering process. ProPlate’s dedicated new product development team supports new device projects from concept through commercialization through our proven process roadmap. We partner with companies to develop innovations through unique metal coating technologies that drive commercial success and result in improved patient outcomes. We engineer custom solutions designed specifically for your unique requirements. ProPlate® has pioneered selective precious metal plating innovations for a wide range of parts and industries and continuously strives to improve your part’s application and performance.


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