MD&M 2014 in Minneapolis

Revolutionary Electroplating Solutions for Medical Devices
Electroplated marker bands, catheter tips, catheter braids, bi-polar forceps, insulin pumps & batteries.

Minneapolis, October 29th-30th, 2014Increasing competition in the market place, combined with pressure from shareholders, is prompting medical device organizations to devise unique cost saving solutions without sacrificing quality.  However, the performance enhancement opportunities and cost savings provided by electroplating are usually overlooked due to its position in the supply chain as a third tier supplier.

What Solutions Can Electroplating Provide?
ProPlate® has developed proprietary processes for numerous medical device applications.  For example, they can successfully selectively gold plate marker bands on any specific location of a catheter.  Traditionally these marker bands are machined completely from solid gold and then attached to the catheter.

What Does This Mean?
When a marker band is machined out of gold it incurs much higher labor and material costs than if it were to be electroplated onto the catheter.  The amount of precious metal consumed is greatly reduced when utilizing electroplating, because a thin layer of metal is applied directly to the part.  There is no need to stock the marker bands if they are plated, which eliminates the inventory and risk of theft. The risk of the bands dislodging is eliminated as the marker band is being chemically bonded, as opposed to mechanically. The catheter will have an overall lower profile with a plated marker band which will improve overall application performance.

Professional Plating, Inc.
ProPlate® was established in 1983 and has grown to a corporation of over 30 people working in a state of the art 12,000 square foot production facility located in suburban Minneapolis-St. Paul.  We believe that our long-term success is based on providing our clients with a predictable and consistent level of quality that will meet or exceed their specifications.  Our focus is primarily in the medical device market. Professional Plating, Inc will be present at the MD&M 2014 in Minneapolis.  You can visit us at our booth:  #1334

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