Exhibiting at MD&M West 2016

ProPlate® Exhibiting at MD&M West 2016

ProPlate® will exhibit at the Medical Design & Manufacturing West Show in Anaheim, CA Feb. 9th-11th 2016 in booth #438


Anoka, MN. January 19th, 2016 – ProPlate® will be exhibiting for the second consecutive year at MD&M West. ProPlate® also has exhibited at other MD&M shows like the Minneapolis and New York shows in the past.

ProPlate® believes that its extensive knowledge of electroplating offers many advantages to the medical device industry that have been overlooked in the past. Electroplating can be employed to enhance medical device functionality in myriad ways. For example, electroplated metals can be used to conduct heat and electricity, offer good wear and corrosion resistance, produce strong welds, create antimicrobial and biocompatible surfaces, and fabricate such device features as radiopaque markers and catheter braiding.

ProPlate® will be showcasing two new catheter coating innovations, Torq-Lok™ and Vizi-Band™.

Vizi-Band™ is a radiopaque marker coating innovation. It is a patent pending metal coating process that atomically bonds directly to a catheter, guide wire, stent, or similar device with the ability to be applied anywhere along the medical device. The highly radiopaque and biocompatible metal coating is applied to any section of the desired medical device, with endless options for customization depending on the application and intended use of the device. Vizi-Band™ is a replacement for traditional marker bands with potential performance and cost advantages. (See Video Below)

Torq-Lok™ is a braided catheter coating. It is a patented process that atomically bonds metal directly to each braid pic crossing fusing them together, as one. Torq-Lok™ enhances traditional braided catheters performance by substantially increasing torque response, torque to failure and twist. Other benefits include controlling radial forces, improving pushability, minimizing elongation, kink resistance, and minimizing cut-end unraveling without effecting catheter shaft flexibility or significantly increasing braid dimensional profile. (See Video Below)

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Visit ProPlate® at booth #438 at the 2016 MD&M West in Anaheim, CA.
Contact ProPlate® today at: Sales@proplate.com – (763) 427-0112 – www.proplate.com

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