ProPlate’s Vizi-Band® Radiopaque Marker Sample kit is a useful representation of our radiopaque marker coating innovation and capabilities. The sample kit includes 5 stainless steel hypo-tubes of Vizi-Band® with thicknesses ranging from 500μ”-1500μ”
Vizi-Band sample box
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Platinum Capabilities

Platinum is primarily used in jewelry, but its application in the medical field, dental, and electronic components are vast. Platinum has very similar qualities to Gold at almost half the cost. As of recent, Gold is about $1,890.90 an ounce, and Platinum is about $1,043.10 per ounce. Currently, ProPlate’s has Platinum capabilities for smaller parts but are looking into increasing our capacity. The finish of Platinum is generally shiny at a low deposit and becomes a matte finish at larger deposits. At Proplate we have a 7 inch wide by 9 inches deep Platinum bath for our customer’s ongoing research and development, and our own internal research for process development on various substrates. We are also looking into how the density of platinum can be utilized in our ongoing development of Viziband technology.

See attached for more information on Viziband.

Platinum Capabilities
Platinum Capabilities

Since Platinum is denser than gold, It can be used as a marker on our Viziband medical devices. When the surgical instrument is in the body, the Platinum is easier to see on an x-ray during surgery (thus making the surgeon’s job easier). This is just one-way Proplate is utilizing platinum.

Contact us for your inquiries about Platinum and its potential as a finish for your products. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have concerning your interest in a Platinum finish.

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