What Separates ProPlate® From Other Plating Shops?

What separates ProPlate® from other plating shops? In the past, I have gotten the chance to work at other plating shops in my home state. Everything from aluminum lines, anodize lines, passivation lines, precious metals, reel to reel, and Titanium, to name a few.  Many of these shops are very efficient but not unique in that they deal primarily with very high volumes of single-layer finishes. Electroless Nickel on aluminum or electroless Nickel on steel are two examples of very straightforward, simple, basic finishes found in the industry.  ProPlate® does basic finishes, but it goes far beyond what other shops can do. We are a specialty shop specializing in precious metals, selective plating, and dual, tri, and quad layers of precious metals. Where many shops have failed, our team of engineers, quality, chem-techs, pre-production, and production workers have come up with solutions and have repeated success. The maintenance of our chemistries and overall hygiene of the shop is over and above most in the industry. We do best with rhodium, hard gold, soft gold, palladium, palladium nickel, and silver.  We plate many devices used in dentistry and medicine with very small surface areas. We have the ability to design plating tanks and engineer custom cradles for our customer’s products with very small dimensions. We are working on cutting-edge coatings like vapor deposition and plating on plastics. Quite simply, ProPlate® is doing what other shops cannot or will not do.

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