Vizi-Band®- Cannula Devices

Vizi-Band®-Radiopaque Marker Coating on Cannula Devices

Radiopaque Marker Bands for Cannula Devices

A Cannula is a tube that gets inserted into the body for medical device applications and is often used to deliver or remove fluids or gather biological samples. A cannula can surround a trocar needle’s inner or outer surfaces, thus extending the effective needle length by typically at least half the length of the original needle. This method is most commonly used in Intravenous (IV) cannulation and can be used in various medical applications. Cannula medical applications often require a need for radiopaque marker bands. RO Marker bands assist surgeons with the placement and guidance of Cannulas by providing a bright visible indicator under X-Ray fluoroscopy with a level of precision that is needed for these types of procedures. A traditional marker band is a short, thin, walled tube typically machined from Gold, Tantalum, Iridium, Tungsten, or Platinum. These machined marker bands are installed at specific locations of the medical device component to allow for precise location under x-ray fluoroscopy.

Vizi-Band®- Cannula Devices

The Challenge

Traditionally, marker bands are crimped or swaged onto the component where there can be significant costs associated with such machining of the Gold and labor involved for secondary installation processes, such as swaging and crimping. The risk associated with traditional marker band dislodgement is a significant drawback of standard marker bands. Vizi-Band radiopaque marker band technology accomplishes consistent and accurate positioning of the marker coatings along the cannula, catheter, stent, guidewire, hypotube, and other similar components. Through custom tooling and in-house design fabrication, we were able to craft a solution that allows the manufacturer to reduce the labor component, cost of traditional machining method, and optimize component performance in terms of placement and marker adhesion.

The Engineered Solution

ProPlate® worked through a series of experiments to achieve comparable radiopacity to traditional marker bands. Through proprietary plating and masking technology, ProPlate® developed a solution that provided a highly radiopaque metal coating that can be selectively applied to specific areas of the cannula or desired component that can furthermore be customized to desired design requirements. ProPlates proprietary Vizi-Band® technology helps with application performance by reducing the dimensional profile of the component. Vizi-Band® also eliminates the risk of marker dislodgement of the cannula and marker interface by atomically bonding the radiopaque coating directly to the base substrate as opposed to mechanical bonding and providing a tailored radiopaque brightness specific to desired application requirements.

The Benefits

  • Enhance Radiopaque Visibility
  • Custom Marking Design Shape & Placement
  • Improved Distal Tip Flexibility
  • Reduce Dimensional Profile
  • Eliminate Marker Band Dislodgement

Vizi-Band®- Cannula Devices

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