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Gold plating

High Thickness Electroplating

Electroplating is depositing a metal layer onto a base metal to achieve a final finish that meets a customer’s requirements. The thickness of the electroplated deposit is based on the engineers’ specifications. Some components require high thickness electroplating and others low thickness electroplating. The thickness specifications are decided based on desired part performance and function. Functions …

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Plating Finish Capabilities and Specifications

Plating Finish Capabilities and Specifications at ProPlate We specialize in Precious Plating, Semi-Precious Plating and Engineered Solutions Designed for Unique Requirements. ProPlate® works with companies across the globe, fulfilling both standard and custom requests while delivering consistent results. We understand that the highest quality plating standard is essential for mission-critical components. The industries we serve …

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Gold Electroplating Services

Specification: MIL-G-45204 Gold Plating, Electrodeposited At ProPlate®, we offer two kinds of gold electroplating services. Soft gold offers the highest purity. Type III offers 99.9 % gold minimum purity. Soft gold plating is commonly used for semiconductor components, nuclear engineering, thermocompression bonding, and high-temperature applications. The appearance is a bright yellow, with a shiny or …

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