Electroplating Solutions

Medical Marker Bands

Coming in various shapes and sizes and providing superior visibility under fluoroscopy, medical marker bands are used in the medical industry to aid with guidance and placement of catheter devices during medical procedures. Along with the variety of shapes and sizes, various metals are used to manufacture marker bands. Traditional medical marker bands are short,

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Bright Acid Tin Plating

Tin plating is no longer offered a ProPlate®   Bright acid Tin plating is a silver-colored, ductile metal whose primary application imparts solderability to otherwise unsolderable base metals. Tin generally has good covering characteristics over a wide range of shapes. Historically Tin has been utilized for its combined corrosion protection and conductivity in avionics radio

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medical device electroplating

Electroplating in the Medical Device Industry: Surface Treatment

Current Trends Medical device manufacturers (MDMs) are especially interested in hydrophilic, antimicrobial, and drug-eluting coatings for the cardiovascular and orthopedic markets. Advances in medical technologies, including imaging equipment, ultrasonic and other sensor-based tools, and delivery systems for medicines, all require specialized coatings. In particular, thin-film coatings that enhance electrical properties such as impedance and charge

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Gold Electroplating Services

Specification: MIL-G-45204 Gold Plating, Electrodeposited At ProPlate®, we offer two kinds of gold electroplating services. Soft gold offers the highest purity. Type III offers 99.9 % gold minimum purity. Soft gold plating is commonly used for semiconductor components, nuclear engineering, thermocompression bonding, and high-temperature applications. The appearance is a bright yellow, with a shiny or

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ProPlate® Introduces Palladium-Nickel

ProPlate® Introduces Palladium-Nickel Plating Services to the current list of Metal Finishes. Palladium-Nickel Plating Services Gold Plating Services Medical Gold Plating Services Silver Plating Services Medical Silver Plating Services Rhodium Plating Services Copper Plating Services Nickel Plating Services Platinum Plating Services Contact Us or visit our website to learn more about ProPlate’s capabilities. ProPlate® recognizes

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ProPlate® Deemed an Essential Manufacturer

ProPlate® Deemed an Essential Manufacturer ProPlate® is a key supplier to vital medical sectors within the U.S. economy. Under the Department of Homeland Security, ProPlate® falls under the category of “Essential Manufacturer”.  The State of Minnesota  has declared a temporary shutdown, enacting a “stay at home” quarantine policy. ProPlate will continue operations due to our

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Precision Plating and Engineered Solutions

Precision Plating and Engineered Solutions for Your Unique Project For over thirty years, ProPlate has proudly offered innovative solutions for a variety of electroplating projects. We serve a wide range of high profile industries including aerospace and defense, telecommunications, medical and dental, oil and gas, semi-conductor and electronics, technology, and energy, among others. Our approach

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