ProPlate’s Vizi-Band® Radiopaque Marker Sample kit is a useful representation of our radiopaque marker coating innovation and capabilities. The sample kit includes 5 stainless steel hypo-tubes of Vizi-Band® with thicknesses ranging from 500μ”-1500μ”
Vizi-Band sample box
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Plating Finish Capabilities and Specifications

Plating Finish Capabilities and Specifications at ProPlate We specialize in Precious Plating, Semi-Precious Plating and Engineered Solutions Designed for Unique Requirements. ProPlate® works with companies across the globe, fulfilling both standard and custom requests while delivering consistent results. We understand that the highest quality plating standard is essential for mission-critical components. The industries we serve …

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Platinum Capabilities

Platinum is primarily used in jewelry, but its application in the medical field, dental, and electronic components are vast. Platinum has very similar qualities to Gold at almost half the cost. As of recent, Gold is about $1,890.90 an ounce, and Platinum is about $1,043.10 per ounce. Currently, ProPlate’s has Platinum capabilities for smaller parts …

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ProPlate® Introduces Palladium-Nickel

ProPlate® Introduces Palladium-Nickel Plating Services to the current list of Metal Finishes. Palladium-Nickel Plating Services Gold Plating Services Medical Gold Plating Services Silver Plating Services Medical Silver Plating Services Rhodium Plating Services Copper Plating Services Nickel Plating Services Platinum Plating Services Contact Us or visit our website to learn more about ProPlate’s capabilities. ProPlate® recognizes …

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Lowering Costs of Precious Metals Plating

Lowering Costs of Precious Metals Plating The primary reason to plate base metals with precious metals is to prevent oxidation and corrosion. The plating increases the lifespan of the finished product, and plating base metals with precious metals enhances electrical properties. It helps the forming and shaping of components, and plating also improves a component’s …

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