Selective Plating and Cost Effectiveness

Selective Plating and Cost Effectiveness

In the past, carrier strips have generally been the only way to effectively accomplish selective plating procedures. These types of devices have often been modified extensively in order to create a “mask” that prevents unwanted plating. At Professional Plating, we are always seeking new and interesting mechanical modifications—and new technology—that makes electroplating simpler and more effective.

The Disadvantages of Reel to Reel Plating Machines

Many clients have approached us about the high cost of reel to reel, continuous plating machines. In spite of the quality of the results, this method is not always the most cost effective and can sometimes be time-consuming as well. The machine operates at a very high speed, but it requires a lot of time in between to re-configure settings—and for very specific requirements, it does not offer a great deal of flexibility.

Needless to say, this has discouraged a lot of our clients. We have found a way to provide selective plating services that do not break the bank or take a long period of time to complete. They are done with a process called “selective rack plating.”

Rack Plating

If your project is small, the high cost and anticipated amount of time involved in a typical reel to reel selective plating procedure might not sound like the best option available. In cases such as these, selective rack plating can be very beneficial due to the speed and the accuracy that ProPlate’s tried-and-tested system can offer.

Short strips are carried between the stamping plant and the plating plant in a shallow tray that is capable of holding up to as much weight as a standard 48” reel. One single rack is capable of carrying up to four thousand linear inches, meaning that selective plating can be accomplished much more quickly than with the outdated continuous plating system.

We are continuously attempting to create new and innovative solutions for all your electroplating needs. We have discovered that selective rack plating is useful for clients in a wide variety of industries, and we suspect that this method will become increasingly popular in the near future. For a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Selective Plating and Cost Effectiveness

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