Exhibiting at MD&M West Anaheim 2017

ProPlate® Will be Exhibiting at MD&M West Anaheim 2017



​ProPlate® will exhibit at the MD&M West show in Anaheim, CA February 7th-9th 2017 in booth #536


Anoka, MN. November 21st, 2016 – ProPlate® will be exhibiting at UBM’s MD&M West Anaheim. ProPlate® also has also been an exhibitor at other MD&M shows such as Minneapolis, New York East, BIOMEDevice San Jose and BIOMEDevice Boston shows in the past.
ProPlate® has specialized in engineered coating solutions for the medical industry for more than 30 years. The company works with customers from the prototype development stage through production to create custom electroplating solutions designed for unique requirements. ProPlate® has pioneered innovations for applications such as braided catheters and radiopaque markers, and continues to be an industry-leading electroplater.


ProPlate® will be showcasing three new catheter coating innovations, Torq-Lok®, Vizi-Band® and Meta-Poly™.
Vizi-Band® is a radiopaque marker coating innovation. It is a proprietary metal coating process that atomically bonds directly to a catheter, guide wire, stent, or similar component. The highly radiopaque and biocompatible metal coating can be selectively applied to any section of the desired component, with endless options for customization depending on the application and intended use. Vizi-Band® is a replacement for traditional marker bands with potential performance and cost advantages.
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Torq-Lok® is a catheter braid innovation. It is a proprietary process that atomically bonds metal to each braid pic crossing fusing them together, as one. Torq-Lok® enhances traditional braided catheters performance by substantially increasing torque response, torque to failure and twist. Other benefits include controlling radial forces, minimizing end fraying, improving pushability, minimizing elongation, and kink resistance, without substantially impacting shaft flexibility or significantly increasing braid dimensional profile.
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Meta-Poly™ is a proprietary plating process that atomically bonds metal directly to a polymer substrate without the use of toxic chromic acid. Although medical device uses for Meta-Poly™ are vast it is especially exciting for catheter applications. With utilization of this innovation manufacturers can precisely add radiopaque markers and current conducting paths onto polymers. The type of metal is tailored to the application, and Meta-Poly™ can be selectively applied to the desired component, with endless design options.
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Visit ProPlate® at booth #536 at the 2017 MD&M West Anaheim Show
Contact ProPlate® today at: Sales@proplate.com – (763) 427-0112 – www.proplate.com

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