Top 5 Most Innovative Exhibitors BIOMEDevice San Jose

ProPlate® Nominated as Top 5 Most Innovative Exhibitors BIOMEDevice San Jose

Qmed nominated ProPlate’s Vizi-Band® as one of the top five innovations to be shown at the BIOMEDevice San Jose show this December. This is the 7th time ProPlate® has been nominated for an innovative metal coating solution.
Vizi-Band® – Radiopaque Markers

Electroplating can be employed to enhance medical device functionality in a myriad of ways. For example, electroplated metals can be used to conduct heat & electricity, offer good wear and corrosion resistance, create antimicrobial and biocompatible surfaces, and enhance device features such as radiopaque markers and catheter braiding.

Vizi-Band® is a radiopaque marker coating innovation. It is a proprietary metal coating process that atomically bonds directly to a catheter, guide wire, stent, or similar component. The highly radiopaque and biocompatible metal coating can be selectively applied to any section of the desired component, with endless options for customization depending on the application and intended use. Vizi-Band® is a replacement for traditional marker bands with potential performance and cost advantages.

Top 5 Most Innovative Exhibitors

Top 5 Most Innovative Exhibitors

ProPlate® recognizes that not all projects specify standard MIL or ASTM specifications. We apply a creative custom approach to electroplating combined with our in-house tool fabricating capabilities, to meet the challenges of  selective plating requirements, complex part geometries, and tight plating tolerances. Our engineers plating processes, supporting tools, and chemistry to be flexible for each customer’s unique requirements on a wide variety of small and large critical components. Contact us for further information.

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