Precision Plating and Engineered Solutions

Precision Plating and Engineered Solutions for Your Unique Project

For over thirty years, ProPlate has proudly offered innovative solutions for a variety of electroplating projects. We serve a wide range of high profile industries including aerospace and defense, telecommunications, medical and dental, oil and gas, semi-conductor and electronics, technology, and energy, among others. Our approach is compassionate and direct.

Custom Prototyping and Plating

We work with a wide variety of materials, including gold, silver, nickel, tin, copper, palladium, and rhodium, all of which are commonly used for electroplating purposes. However, we are different from many electroplating companies in that we strive for a high level of versatility. We have engineered several creative solutions that allow for flexible specifications.

In order to create the best prototypes and engineer the best possible designs, we apply a creative customized approach to prototyping, precision plating, and overall production. Our electroplating methods are patented, and our team of engineers is made of highly skilled and passionate professionals. Due to the fact that different materials require different levels of coverage and hardness, we use different strategies for different projects.

Precise Selective Plating Saves You Money

The innovative strategies used in ProPlate’s standard precision plating processes are unique, and we constantly strive to remain at the forefront of the industry. ProPlate listens to clients’ concerns with an open mind, and we quickly learned that costly plating services were one of the most common issues that aerospace, medical, and tech professionals were facing.

Clients feared that small orders would still cost them a great deal due to the fact that they still needed to use continuous plating machines. Historically, this is the way it has been. We now utilize highly cost effective selective plating machines for smaller orders and help our clients save money. We do not tack on additional charges for changeovers that are not necessary for a small-scale order.

Experienced Precision Plating Services

ProPlate is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. We have operated in the electroplating industry since 1983 and believe in implementing unique and flexible strategies in order to ensure that all of our clients receive precision plating services quickly and at reasonable prices.

Precision Plating and Engineered Solutions

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