Medical Device Electroplating Solutions

Medical Device Electroplating Solutions – ProPlate®

Professional Plating, Inc has pioneered a variety of coating and electroplating solutions for the medical device manufacturing industry. We are dedicated to solving our medical device customers toughest plating challenges, and meeting their stringent regulatory demands, by working with them on the front end of the design and engineering process. At ProPlate® we engineer custom plating solutions designed specifically for our medical device customer’s unique requirements. We continually strive to improve our customer’s part performance, while driving down costs.

Below are just a few of our medical device coating innovations:



Silver Plated – Bipolar Forceps

Gold Plated – Insulin Pump Battery

Visi-Band™ – Catheter Marker Bands & Bright Tips

Torq-Lok™ – Enhanced Braiding for Catheters

Nitinol Welded to Dissimilar Materials


Ongoing development of parts and components are some of our medical device client’s toughest challenges. We invite you to bring us your plating related challenges. We are always pleased to entertain new electroplating challenges. Contact us today to request information about plating and our other services at Professional Plating, Inc., or request a quote online. 

ProPlate® recognizes that not all projects specify standard MIL or ASTM specifications. We apply a creative custom approach to electroplating combined with our in-house tool fabricating capabilities, to meet the challenges of  selective plating requirements, complex part geometries, and tight plating tolerances. Our engineers plating processes, supporting tools, and chemistry to be flexible for each customer’s unique requirements on a wide variety of small and large critical components. Contact us for further information.

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