How Does Plating on Steel Work?

How does plating on steel work – Steel is first cleaned using industrial liquid cleaners heated at a high temperature. It is also cleaned using an electrolytic process. Electricity is passed through the steel while submerged to remove any remaining debris. Once all the debris, oil, and rust are removed, the steel is immersed in acid. The acid opens the steel’s pores and prepares it for the finish. Commonly, a nickel strike is used as a first layer, or “primer,” to prepare the steel for whatever finish our customer requests.

Types of Plating on Steel Services? 

ProPlate® has the ability to plate on a wide variety of steels. From high carbon to low carbon to a wide range of stainless steel varieties. Electroless nickel is by far the most common finish on steel, but Proplate is capable of plating a wide variety of precious metals. Gold is our most popular precious metal finish on steel. Soft Gold and Hard gold over electroless nickel are common and effective finish combinations.

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How does plating on steel work
How does plating on steel work
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