Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Corrosion Resistant Coatings

In the wide range of manufacturing industries, the use of corrosion-resistant coatings is vast and has a large variety of options. The corrosion resistance’s purpose and duration can vary based on the coating used, the thickness of the application, and the material the coating is applied to. Various metals are commonly coated to increase their protection from various corrosive environments. Exposure to weather, corrosive chemicals, high friction environments, and high-temperature environments are just some examples. In addition, the suitable coating will have the right properties to protect against specific hazardous environments.

Nickel, Rhodium, and Platinum Corrosion Resistant qualities

At ProPlate®, we specialize in electroplating precious and semi-precious metals. In addition, we work with engineers to choose the right electroplated finish for their specific purpose. A widespread and simple finish like NIckel is often used for corrosion-resistant qualities. For example, on a piece of steel, a nickel coating will help prevent any rusting that may occur due to the harsh environment the steel might be placed in. Less common but more resilient corrosion-resistant coatings like Rhodium or Platinum can be used for the highest and longest-lasting corrosion resistance. Rhodium is the hardest metal and will not corrode even under the worst environments, including highly corrosive acids.

Gold and Multiple Coats of Plating

Gold is another example of very resilient metal. We have more requests for a gold finish than any other precious metal. Because Gold has more benefits than just corrosion resistance, it is a very popular and common finish in our specialty plating shop. Multiple coatings can also be applied for added corrosion resistance. For example, a Nickel base layer with a Gold, Rhodium, Platinum, or Palladium top layer will offer excellent corrosion resistance for years to come and protect the base layer of parts from a wide variety of corrosion causes.

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