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Electroplating Services

raydome Examples of gold plating, silver plating, and copper plating.


Welcome to our web site. On the following pages you’ll learn more about us and about our electroplating services including gold plating, silver plating, rhodium plating, palladium plating, nickel plating, copper plating, tin and lead plating. Our web site includes sections on the metals we electroplate, a photo tour of our facility, and a technical library where you’ll find a growing range of topics related to electroplating. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for on our web site, we urge you to contact us anyway. Perhaps we can direct you to another source. We have a lot of knowledge about our industry and many mutually beneficial, reciprocal contacts. There are some applications that require the skills of more than one electroplating company to provide the complete solution. We can organize and oversee those relationships on your behalf.

We encourage your questions. Many people are new to the science and practicalities of electroplating. You can use our customer inquiry page to contact us with all of your questions. We’re happy to be of assistance.

Plating Services - What We Do

Professional Plating, Inc. is a business to business electroplating company.  We are focused on plating of small to medium sized parts for technical and performance-oriented applications. The industries we serve include, but are not limited to: Electronics, telecommunications, medicine, orthodontic, aerospace and astrospace, and computing. Our plating finishes include:

Electroplating - Metal Finishes

We also offer several proprietary binary alloy finishes which provide enhanced performance and cost savings over traditional pure, single metal finishes.  The alloys include tin/lead plating, 48/52 cobalt/tin plating, and 48/52 cobalt/gold plating.

Our strength is the plating of small medium-sized parts, and delicate items.  We employ a variety of traditional barrel and rack plating methods, and also several proprietary methods which we have developed in response to unique customer needs We pride ourselves on being process innovators.  Many customers have been served whose application did not seem at first to lend itself to consistent electroplating.  We’ve solved a lot of problems where others have not succeeded.

We also provide vertically integrated fabrication and finishing services.  We are ideally positioned and adept at providing supply chain management for your part supply needs.  We will work as your agent, technical and logistical, to provide the perfect, consistent part, with on-time and on-budget delivery.

We utilize statistical process control methods and tools to ensure that our output is consistent and predictable.  We understand that what a customer needs is a supplier that serves theSm with a predictable and satisfactory service at a competitive price.  Predictable and consistent are values that apply both to the quality of the electroplating and also to the quality of our service.  On-time delivery of a product fit for your use is what we do. Request a quote for gold plating, silver plating, palladium plating, and other plating services now!


Customized Plating for Gold, Silver, and More

Professional Plating, Inc. has engineered the chemistry and production processes to be flexible to our clients needs. We recognize that not all parts or components need the standard MIL or ASTM specifications for finishing. Therefore, our staff of professionals is equipped with the tools to provide the metal finish combinations that will meet your varying needs.

Metal finishes such as gold electroplating require different levels of lubricity, hardness or consistent coverage. Professional Plating, Inc. employs patented electroplating processes of part and component preparation, heating and baking.


Ongoing development of parts and components are our client’s toughest challenges. Professional Plating, Inc. recognizes this challenge and is prepared to work jointly to optimize your prototype electroplating development. Our combination of tenure in chemistry, electroplating process and industry experience provides a competent mix of talent in identifying effective alternatives.


Contact us today to discuss gold plating, silver plating, and other plating services or request a quote online .

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